Alexander  McClure

The  Translators  Revived

As the result of the Author's researches, which he has carried, as he believes, to the utmost extent to which it can be done with the means accessible on this side of the Atlantic, he offers to all who are interested to know in regard to the general sufficiency and reliable-ness of the Common Version, these biographical sketches of its authors

He feels assured that they will afford historical demonstration of a fact which much astonished him when it began to dawn upon his convictions - that the first half of the seventeenth century, when the Translation was completed, was the GOLDEN AGE of biblical and oriental learning in England. Never before, nor since, have these studies been pursued by scholars whose vernacular tongue is the English, with such zeal, and industry, and success. This remarkable fact is such a token of God’s providential care of his word, as deserves most devout acknowledgment.

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