James  Lowrance

The  Genesis Gap Bible Teaching in 2700 Words

This book is designed to provide the reader with an education on the extremely interesting subject of a pre-Adamic creation (before Adam), as revealed in the Holy Bible. I have published several other resources on the Genesis Gap Bible subject, ranging from about 7,000 to 27,200 words in length each. In this resource, I am providing a complete rundown of the teaching in only about 2,700 words

While I reference many scriptures, I do not quote them within the text of this short subject book but I leave it to the reader to look them up and to confirm the accuracy of my references to them. I have not copied/pasted anything from my previous written works for this resource but everything was written originally, from scratch.

It is my hope that this shorter version will fill the need for understanding this Bible doctrine, by those readers who want to learn about it, without having to read lengthy dissertations in order to get the facts on this highly intriguing subject. 

Thank you for considering this book!