Clarence  Larkin

The  Spirit  World

An Unabridged, Fully Illustrated Edition Covering All Phases Of The ‘Spirit World’ From The ‘Powers Of Good And Evil,’ To ‘The Underworld’ And ‘Demonism,’ With Over 45 Full Page Illustrations.

Rev. Larkin describes to us the world of “Spirits,” good and bad, and their relation to this world, and answers such questions as “Soul Sleep,” “Recognition of Friends in Heaven,” the “Resurrection of the Dead,” the “Judgments,” “etc.

Through the Holy Scriptures Larkin gives the teaching as to the "Power of Good and Evil," of the "Underworld," of "Satan," of the "Fallen Angels," of "Demonism," and of "Heaven" and "Hell."

It is an excellent addition to any Christian or Spiritual Library.

Thank you for considering this book!