Sean  Keyhoe

Ancient  Aliens

Ancient Aliens – The Truth Behind the Lies. 

They have been here all the time. 

The case for ancient alien visits to Earth. Is there genuine evidence that can be evaluated objectively? Or are we faced with unending speculations? 

Separating fact from fiction, ‘Ancient Aliens’ by Sean Keyhoe provides an in-depth commentary on many topics that surround the question of visitation by extra-terrestrials. Chapter topics include: 

Chapter 1 - Ancient UFO Sightings 
Chapter 2 - Development of Ancient Alien Theory 
Chapter 3 - Ancient Artifacts 
Chapter 4 - More Historical & Ancient Details 
Chapter 5 - Space Mysteries and UFO Shapes 
Chapter 6 - Unidentified Submerged Objects 
Chapter 7 - Biblical Records of Aliens 
Chapter 8 - Angels or Aliens 
Chapter 9 - Aliens in the Renaissance 
Chapter 10 - The Star of Bethlehem 
Chapter 11 - Grey aliens 
Chapter 12 - Concluding Thoughts 
BONUS Chapter 

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