Gaines  Johnson

The  Bible,
Genesis & Geology

Most people believe the seven days of Genesis to be some enigmatic description of the Earth's geologic history, but Scripture does not support this. There is a time gap between the first two verses of Genesis. In this book you will learn about a literal interpretation of the Genesis narrative that does not contradict the scientific evidence for an Old Earth.

The Gap Theory or Ruin-Reconstruction interpretation is a theological doctrine much older than Darwin's Theory of Evolution. It is based on the Scriptural fact that in the second verse of Genesis, the Holy Bible simply and clearly states that the planet Earth was already here in a ruined state before the creative process of the seven days begins.

The Bible itself provides insight into a great mystery in Earth's natural history at what is known as the Pleistocene - Holocene boundary. Science remains at a loss to definitively explain the Ice Age and the anomaly of the mysterious mega fauna extinctions across the face of the Earth about 13,000 to 10,000 Radio Carbon years ago. Geologic evidence from that period indicates extraordinary global massive volcanism, gigantic tidal waves, seismic activity on a vast scale, and extreme temperature swings on the Earth over a geologically brief period of time.

It is no coincidence that the Bible in Genesis 1:2 describes the Earth as flooded, desolate, and in darkness in the time frame closely corresponding to these catastrophic events in the Earth's natural history. Clearly, these two mysteries are linked.

The Earth has an ancient natural history that can be deciphered from the geologic record, but it also has an equally important ancient spiritual history that can only be deciphered by rightly dividing the Holy Bible.

Thank you for considering this book!