David  Otis  Fuller

Which  Bible ?

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Originally published in 1970 by Grand Rapids International Publications, this book is now in its 13th printing and currently is published by the Institute for Biblical Textual Studies (IBTS). "Which Bible?" is now one of three of a trilogy of edited works by Dr. David Otis Fuller, Sr. in defense of the King James Version of the Bible. "True or False" and "Counterfeit or Genuine" were published as sequels.

"Which Bible?" asks the question regarding the over 100 contemporary English bibles and translations, which is the most accurate, most trustworthy, most literary, most time honored bible of every generation for the past nearly 4 Centuries? Dr. Fuller excerpts extensive articles by over 11 writers to answer the question affirmatively in favor of the historic King James Version.

Fuller's collection of academic, yet easily understood essays and excerpts provides us with Biblical and historic reason and logic. It affirms the position that translation is not an inherent boundary to verbal preservation. The breath of God, product and not process, conveyed by translation from the immediately inspired language copies of Scripture into any providentially prepared receptor language will impart to that translation infallible authority and doctrinally inerrancy inherent in the original language copies. A tremendously useful book for the thinking Christian.

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