David  Cook

Seven  Days  In  Utopia

This book is about influence and inspiration and a deeper, more profound way of looking at life. The story is based on thousands of athletes who author and performance psychologist Dr. David Cook has counseled, and the great mentors and teachers from whom he has learned. 

Told through the lives of two characters—an eccentric rancher with a passion for teaching truth, and a young golf professional at the end of his rope looking to escape the pressures of the game—they represent each one of us in our various stages of growth. And through them we are reminded that, in life, we must be willing to coach and be coached.

Life is never the same once you’ve been to Utopia.

“Read it. Devour it. Keep it as a reference book. You’ll be glad you did. Golf’s Sacred Journey is a remarkable and encouraging story with an entirely different approach on how to succeed in your golf game.”
—Zig Ziglar, leading motivational expert and bestselling author

“This book is full of wisdom that will enhance your game and I believe it just may change your life.”
—David Robinson, NBA MVP, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, Two Time World Champion

Thank you for considering this book!