Hulda  Regehr  Clark

The  Prevention  Of  All  Cancers 


Medical advise is not being offered.

Just think twice,

get second opinions,

and do double research before agreeing to

surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments.

Better yet, practice prevention.


Cancer can be cured, not just treated. Kill the malignancy-causing parasite and the tumor-causing bacteria. Learn the dietary triggers for each oncovirus that immortalizes your tumor cells

Out wit RAS, MYC, NEU, SRC, SV40, JUN and FOS with diet. Follow a tester's protocol that guarantees success. Get your immunity back with electricity: zapping, plate-zapping and homeography make it easier than ever to find your health again. Learn the single epidemiological factor that destroys your immunity. Avoid it and live free of rare diseases, inherited diseases and cancer.

Cancer has many contributors but the main actors form a single chain of events. Pull out one link and the whole cancer process is blocked. This kind of prevention is more powerful than a cure.

You can get started now!...for your pets too.

Thank you for considering this book!