New  Wine

Oh boy, this is going to rattle some cages!  Praise the Lord, for He is good (to give you the answers to the test ahead of time).

Conclusion first – new wine is fresh grape juice.


Isaiah 65:8

Thus saith the LORD,

As the new wine is found in the cluster, …..


That would be a cluster of grapes being squeezed into a glass as a fresh, unfermented drink of grape juice.  New as in new, wine as in grapes.

“Wait a cotton pickin’ minute, I demand to know who and where you got that from!”  OK, OK, calm down.  In the words of Jesus,


Matthew 26:29

But I say unto you,

I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine,

until that day when I drink it new with you

in my Father's kingdom.


Attention Wolf, Jesus did not drink fermented wine at the Last Supper or any other time.  He drank new fruit of the vine which He said he would not drink again until he was with the apostles in his Father’s kingdom.

This new wine is defined in Isaiah 65:8 as freshly squeezed grape juice.  This is the same “wine” that he produced at the wedding in John 2 (my opinion).

If you, as a religious leader, think God Almighty (the Holy One of Israel, He who is without spot or blemish) would partake of and encourage the partaking of an alcoholic beverage which is preached against over fifty times in the “scriptures”, you are a spiritual idiot.  

Alcohol has taken down nations, states, counties, cities, neighborhoods, families, and individuals.  It is not Christ-like, to say the least.

Its consumption has torturous consequences like disease and death and depravation.  And drinking adults who hang around children influence them to do the same thing, with the same consequences.

You cannot partake of alcohol and not be associated with these consequences, whether they happen directly to you or to others under your influence.

Just start thinking about the judgment seat of Christ and how that one will pan out.  And another thing – Christian missionaries have a better use for money than Anheuser-Busch and Ernest Gallo and Jack Daniels and Red Dog!

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